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ASCTA 'Learn to Swim' Training Course
Dates to be announced soon.

Each term the week 8 classes are devoted to teaching water safety, a new focus of safety week this year is parent saving their children by either swimming with them or by dry rescues depending on the age. Each safety week still has different themes. These include:
  • Rivers, lakes & dams
  • Clothing swims
  • Boating Safety
  • Rescues
  • Waves & Rips

Articles by Sue

Parents in the Pool

Child Comfort in the Pool

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'Learning to swim is not just about swimming-it also helps in building confidence and other life skills.

Scientific studies show that children who swim are less prone to illness and show increased academic ability due to improved co-ordination, fitness and social skills.'


Our very special swimming school began over 20 years ago when Sue Pryor started to teach small numbers of people how to swim in her small, outdoor family pool. Sue is a qualified PE teacher but, with 3 young daughters at the time, wanted to work close to home. Sue Pryor Swimming has grown and developed since then, and now offers a range of aquatic activities in a modern facility, with dedicated and trained staff teaching water safety and swimming skills to the community.

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Here's some of our longer term swimmers.

Letters from Happy & Thankful Customers

Happy baby & Mum

I just love being in the
pool with my Mum!

Baby first lesson

My first swimming lesson, and I am
learning to reach for the wall.

'We love teaching, and care about your child'

A philosophy of caring, along with small classes, individual attention and a continual monitoring of students’ needs and progress, sets Sue Pryor Swimming apart from many other swim schools. A key focus is the development of comfort and balance in the water, without reliance on flotation aids, in a fun and caring environment. We encourage year round participation to develop strong swimming and teach safer swimming practices. Swimming is a lifetime skill that improves with repetition and practice.

Sue Pryor Swimming is located at 6 Meyer road, Strathalbyn, South Australia.

Phone/fax: 08-85362302