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At Sue Pryor Swimming we have an indoor, heated pool 12.5m x 6m (3 lanes), which is specifically designed for teaching. With the water kept between 30-33ºC all year round, the water is always comfortable.

Our pool features 5 small steps, just under 25cm high, with sturdy rails either side. The pool is 1m deep at the shallow end and remains so for a third of the pool before dropping down to 1.8m deep, allowing children to learn important safety skills when swimming in deep water. There is also a shallow ledge that runs along the length of the pool that helps to build confidence.


"If you can't swim in deep water, you can't swim" - Laurie LawrenceHealthySwim-badge


For those that need assistance entering the pool we have a pool lifter. To use the lifter, clients and/or their carers, or service providers (physiotherapists ect.) must supply a sling and be trained in manual handling, for more information please talk to admin.

Water chemistry is very important to us. The chemicals are balanced to allow for swimmers comfort and for minimal chlorine to be used our water is also UV and Ozone treated with a Ozone Swim system before it enters the pool. 


Other Facilities

Alongside the pool we have 4 curtained off change rooms, two bathrooms - one being disabled friendly and the other containing a rinse off shower. This area, along with the office, is kept cool in summer and warm in winter, considering the comfort of everyone. 

We also have snacks and drinks available for purchase as well as an automatic coffee/hot chocolate machine for a warm drink.


Environmentally Friendly Practices

Whenever possible we use natural cleaning products, leaving as little impact on the environment as possible. All waste is recycled, composted or re-used whenever possible.

Energy Saving