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As young children move about more and become independent, learning to swim can benefit children hugely and their safety near water becomes a vital consideration.

ben_cheeky_smileAnika_WOur focus with children’s swimming is the development of comfort, balance and independence. Learning to respect the water, and to know their limitations but NO FLOATIES! Floaties give a false sense of buoyancy and safety – our goal is to build these skills through body awareness.

We also aim to teach your child to swim technically the best they can, but this takes time. Correct technique means that strokes are more efficient, and can be maintained longer in emergency situations. The slower that children learn, the longer they retain the skills gained, and confidence is gradually developed.

Confidence comes from caring teachers, a happy, safe environment, and from learning to balance on the front and back.

Study Results: Griffith Institute for Educational Research recently revealed children who had learned how to swim from a young age reached many developmental milestones earlier than other children of the same age. Some of these milestones include: visual-motor skills such as cutting paper, colouring-in, drawing lines and shapes; mathematical-related tasks; and literacy and numeracy.


Liam_Szegedi_4Swimming a smart move for kids youTube_2

Study shows kids are smarter if they swim youTube_2