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At Sue Pryor Swimming our lessons run alongside the school terms and vary between 8-10 weeks (depending on the term and any public holidays). All of our lessons are 30 minutes long. For independent strokes classes we have a maximum of 4 swimmers/class and for our parent/child classes (ie. Yellow Levels) a maximum of 5 children.

During most times there are two classes in the pool at the same time with staggered start times, for example teacher A's lessons start on the hour and half hour while teacher B's lessons start on the quarter past and quarter to the hour. The aim of having staggered start times is to reduce how many people are arriving to the facility and in the change rooms at any one time.


Generally our parent/child classes (Yellow Levels 1-4) are during school hours: Monday - Thursday between 9.30am-1pm as well as Saturdays 8am to 3pm. Independent swimmers (Green Levels 5-7 and Red Levels 8+) are after school every weekday from 3pm through to 6pm as well as Saturdays. We do aim to be flexible when we can and whenever possible, for example have siblings in for consecutive classes or close times.

To see an overview of all of our levels and the certificates in each level please click HERE.


Our Terms and Conditions are available for you to view - please see end of page


Please take note of the following:


Term 3 2022 Fees

SPS will commence Term 3 on Monday the 25th of July, finishing on Saturday the 1st of October. Everyone will have a 10 week term.


10 week term

9 week term

First Child $220 $189
Second Child $210 $189
Third+ Child $200 $180
Private Lessons 1:1 $600 $540

Deposits are required at time of booking (confirming a class time) and balance is due by the end of Week 1 (Sat 30th July).


*fees reviewed at the end of Term 3 each year.

Updated Terms and Conditions click HERE