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Holiday Lessons

We run holiday lessons during most school holidays.

If you would like your child to continue swimming outside of the terms swimming block so they don't forget anything, or would like to have your child swim more than once a week, we offer holiday lessons which are typically a lot quieter than during the term due to less people in the pool and in the centre.

We offer regular holiday lessons during the mornings Monday to Thursday and you can choose to do one, two, or three lessons a week during our holiday lesson period or we offer a full 5 day intensive week, which is a lesson each day in the afternoons Monday to Friday during our intensive week block.

The intention of our holiday lessons:

One session a week keeps the skills children have been learning during the term fresh in their minds and so they don't forget anything over the holiday break.

Two or more sessions a week and the intensive week allows children to practice the skills they are learning more regularly and allow them to master the skills quicker.


The holiday lessons are also a great time to do an assessment lesson if you are wanting to book a child aged 3 and up into lessons. We can use the assessment lesson as a way to gauge their ability and confidence so we can look at booking the child into an appropriate level class. Assessment lessons are free when booking into the coming term, or are $15 an assessment if you decide not to book your child into the term.


If you are interested in holiday lessons during the term break, please speak to the office as we start looking at our holiday lesson schedule in the last few weeks of term.