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About Us

Sue Pryor Swimming evolved from Sue's love of sport and her qualifications as a PE teacher. In her spare time she is a competitive swimmer, Official for the Strathalbyn Swimming Club and competitive referee. Sue loves teaching anyone who wishes to learn, whether it be swimming or any other of her interests and she still loves to learn (what better way than by travelling and attending conferences!)

The Teaching Team

All Sue Pryor Swimming teachers are registered with AustSwim or Swim Australia and have the required levels of qualifications for Teaching (5+ years), Babies & Toddlers (4 months to 4 years) and our Squad teachers also have their Competitive Swimming Licence. All teachers maintain resuscitation qualifications and are trained in Sue Pryor's teaching methods to ensure the highest quality teaching and consistency within the Swim School. Staff also attend regular training days with Sue and external conferences both in Adelaide and interstate.

Sue Pryor Swimming is often looking for new swimming teachers so if you are interested please click HERE and contact Admin.

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Our Philosophy

A philosophy of caring, along with small classes allowing individual attention and a continual monitoring of students’ needs and progress, sets Sue Pryor Swimming apart from many other swim schools.

A key focus is the development of comfort and balance in the water, without reliance on flotation aids, in a fun and caring environment.

We encourage year round participation to develop strong swimming and teach safer swimming practices. Swimming is a lifetime skill that improves with repetition and practice. Progress is marked with certificates and skills are divided into age-appropriate progressions. To see the certificates in each level please click here: Certificates

One of the main aims at Sue Pryor Swimming is to make our swimmers SAFER around water. We do this by:

  1. Educating the parents around possible dangers of different water locations e.g. rivers, lakes, dams, oceans, pools, baths etc. Since you, the parents, are responsible for where your children swim we see your role as a parent crucial in determining safer swimming options and also in the type of supervision necessary. For non/weak swimmers you need to be within an arm’s reach (regardless of age) and for all others, ACTIVELY supervising (not dropping off or using your mobile phone).
  2. Practicing different scenarios each term in our SwimSAFER week. Our themes cover all water venues and activities that we can simulate in the pool.
  3. All SwimSAFER lessons are swum in clothes to practice what it feels like and how to best swim if they accidentally fall in.
  4. No goggles for part of each lesson because if they fell in they would not be wearing goggles. This is to introduce them to the feel of water into their eyes and therefore help reduce the chances of panicking.
  5. Every lesson, especially for yellow levels (1-4), components of the lesson is based on the scenario “what would you do if you fell in?” Many of our students have needed to put their skills into real life practice after falling in/getting caught in rips etc. We have many very happy parents and kids.
  6. We swim in deep water whenever possible using skills taught.


Mission Statement

Our aims are for each child and parent to:

  1. Show Respect
    • for themselves
    • for others
    • for water
    • for the environment
  2. Take responsibility for their own actions. And to...
  3. Set our swimmers up for success within a positive learning environment.